Questions for you?

Are you expanding your supplier reach?

​Are you uncomfortable with your present supply associations?

​Is it impossible to free up personnel to seek new sources?

​Are you searching for new value added opportunities to drive margin?

​Are your strategic partners aligning with your best interests?

​Do you have untapped operating and logistical efficiencies?

RoofTree Product Development Principles

1.  Emphasize quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

2.  Build relationships and customer/vendor retention

3.  Manage business processes, while integrating business functions.

4.  Think Global and plan local.

5.   Build strategic alliances and networks

6.   Hold on to high ethical standards

RoofTree executives

RoofTree executives take you through an orderly and insightful process of thinking about and planning for new manufacturing partners

  • The process starts with researching the marketplace to maximize supplier performance.

  • RoofTree uses research to identify opportunities- that is, finding manufacturers, distributors, and customers with unmet needs, and then creating alliances that meet both companies’ requirements.

  • We segment the market and choose those target markets that your company can service in a superior way.  

  • Rooftree works with your company executives to formulate a distinct strategy and define a specific product mix and action plan to optimize long-term performance.

  • We provide you a set of controls so you can evaluate results, constantly improving procurement capabilities.